"This place is awesome. My daughter takes Brazilian Jiu jitzu lessons while I work out. The Jiu jitzu professors are the perfect mix of strict and kind making it the perfect class for any child. On the Monkey Bar side, coach Greg teaches the group workouts with care for each student. You get the value of one on one training through well organized group training. The best part is I don't sit around lazily while my daughter trains. I would recommend this gym to anyone."

Liz P.

"Awesome gym! Greg is a top of the line trainer. Best conditioning and strength training I've ever had! No matter how busy the gym is Greg is constantly working with you one on one coaching, critiquing, mentoring and teaching you."

LV Ariana

"Monkey Bar Gym is a great gym for fitness or self defense "jiu-jitsu", either if it's your first time or a pro. The staff is every friendly and willing to go beyond to help me with my health, personal goals, and other needs. Also, the equipment is very clean which is important to me and have a great variety so I don't have to do the same ol exercise every time. The membership is a excellent price compared to the other gyms like it around. But Monkey Bar Gym is a unique gym, it's like you have a personal trainer without paying for all the expensive prices. I can go on and on about Monkey Bar Gym due to the life changes they have done for me and want to share the greatness with others. I encourage you to give them a try and see what happens. I'm sure your story will end up like mine."

Robert Brock III

"The Monkey Bar Gym Bellevue deserves 6 stars IMHO! If you want to feel better, look better, and get in better shape than you have ever been before...make-yourself-do-the-work. Plain and simple. Call Coach Greg today! You do have to do the work (and it isn't easy) but the trainers will help and make certain you do it right! This place if filled with great members and coaches!"

Jon Evers

"Greg has been such an inspiration & a huge driving force in my fitness & overall health. He's transformed my body & taught me so much about fitness & diet, I am forever grateful for the knowledge I've gained & his guidance through my fitness journey and prepping for npc bikini bodybuilding shows. It's been amazing! He makes the workouts challenging, pushes you & encourages you as a good coach/trainer should!"

Brittany Brown

"I just took Greg's MBG Conditioning/ HIIT class and it was awesome! It's definitely not your traditional gym workout or other Conditioning classes out there! I do a variety of workout classes from my own weight lifting to Orangetheory to a bootcamp class to barre to rowing class and this is a must add or MUST TRY workout! Greg is extremely nice and you can see he loves what he does. Sometimes you get some really arrogant trainers and he's not one of them. He's also in extremely great shape so you know he knows what he's doing!

I just dropped off my husband to work at Microsoft and I'm glad I came in here for a workout or else I would've never know about this until I walked in. I wish I could come here more often but I live and work in a Downtown Seattle so sadly prob can't come here again until another special day. If you live here on the Eastside, come take a class here!"

Isabel A.

"Great instruction by Greg, Carlos, Rodrigo, Coach Dynamo and others in Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing and strength training. The gym is very clean and safe. The people I have seen commit to training here achieved better long term results then Proclub membership 20-20 program. They could definitely charge more for the services they provide."

Dave Rozee

"As someone who competes regularly, Greg Jones has taken me to a different level physically. Great for athletes as well as those just wanting to get in great shape. I never felt in risk of being injured or being pushed beyond what was safe. Very effective, safe, and positive workout environment!"

Edward Kang

"Coach Greg worked with my wife for a couple of weeks while we were visiting the area. She is between shoulder surgeries and in a great deal of pain. Greg took the time to understand her condition and then adjusted the workouts around her abilities. After each training session she was tired but not in pain. She felt encouraged and challenged throughout and gained more use of her shoulder than through months of physical therapy. It is clear that Greg is very knowledgeable about strengthening the body safely through well designed, challenging workouts. Likewise when Amy led the training sessions, she continued the same type of individualized routines. My daughter and her husband have been physically transformed by MBG over the past couple years. I would wholeheartedly recommend giving MBG a try. You will find the small classes cater to people of any age and any abilities in a friendly, encouraging environment."

Richard Harris