Training and Fitness in your 40s- 2017 New Year/New You

As I started "training in my 40s" a few years back, ok, about a half a decade back, I've racked up some injuries that have had me seriously look at and revamp what I do with my training, which differs from the Good Ol Days back in College in the Nineties when I played three sports. Stuff that used to just go away pain wise from training whether it was from DOMS(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), or a minimal injury was easy to overcome. Now, solidly in my forties, joint pain comes easily. It's not just the training that causes soreness, simply eating processed food(inflammatory cytokine fire) can cause this as well. I don't recover day to day like I did. Nobody does, nor should you eat like you did, or train wrecklessly like our younger counterparts. Everything is harder to do now, not insurmountable, just harder. The Bodybuilding and Classic Physique photos attached are from my Nov 5th 2016 show in Boise Idaho where I've attained my best shape ever now in my forties. Better then when I was playing College Ball? yes, a resounding yes!!

Keep hope alive*

There's room for improvement in your 40s, 50s, 60s, it's all relative, the great news is, with some common sense and smarter, not necessarily "harder" training, you don't have to be put out to the pasture where you simply watch your kids or others compete. This doesn't mean you have to get onstage perse, but goal setting and achieving your best body to date are reachable! You have to start with a smart game plan, which is imperative. Being the best version you can be at any age is what we're after. Defy what people say about your age and any limitations people or you may have and bewilder your peers, but first and foremost you must keep these points in mind:

Recognize your high school and college days are a distant memory*

Your 17-21 year old body you once had is long gone, leave it there and move on. Remember, we are after longevity and looking to continue activities of daily living as long as possible, at a high level and look good while doing it. The term "use it or lose it" comes to mind, so what are you waiting for? Let's make a MAP, or "Massive Action Plan" to extend your competitive fire, to keep yourself relevant in your own mind if nobody else's.... this is YOU we are talking about right? Not what people think about you, but you....What you want to achieve and set out to do and ACCOMPLISH! You're your biggest critic, your biggest detractor, your biggest limitation, and until you decide to make a shift in your thinking you most likely will not change. I CAN, I WILL, forget what anyone says about your age and where your limitations lay, only YOU DECIDE THAT now!

Eat Like a Grown Up*

Okay, those 2am trips to Jack & the Box, eating the kids breakfast cereals, a sandwich, potato chips, then swilling it down with a soda won't cut it anymore, gotta clean all that up and eat to recover and heal the body. Processed foods, for the most part must go, in it's place are whole, non-GMO, organic foods if possible, grass and naturally fed lean meats, wild caught fish and meats if possible, fibrous carbohydrates, fermented vegetables. DO NOT FORGET YOUR VEGGIES. Eat em, they're filling, nutritious, help with digestion and most of all keep you from eating those potato chips, candy bars and snacking on crap. We must eat to build, to help ourselves out at our cellular level, where amino acids make proteins, and proteins make muscles and keep muscles and recover muscles.... get the idea? It's not rocket science, but it is a science none the less. NO MORE EXCUSES, the kids, my schedule, the Holidays, "but Aunt Betty's sweet potato pie!" ..leave it. If not, then maybe have one piece, and get back to eating clean the next day and treat your body like the temple it is, and maybe, just maybe start acting like you actually care about yourself and what you put in it, because it will show either way. Drink as much water as you can, I know you'll probably have to pee a bunch, deal with it, because your body is mostly water and needs it in abundance. No less than a gallon a day, more if you're an endurance athlete, or workout hard, separate of coffee and any diet sodas, fruit juices you may or may not have.

Get adequate rest*

Sleep is not overrated, it's needed, badly, get a routine, wind the heck down, turn off the electronics, or at least Facebook and don't overstimulate yourself at bedtime. Read a little, eat just a little bit of healthy fats and some lean protein if anything before bed and take your ZMA and melatonin and help out your body's efforts to make testosterone while you sleep. 6-8 hours, with a median of 7 is great for most. Can't get in 7 all at night, a 45-minute nap can help recharge you and I do these all the time on my midday break myself, but this is what I implore you to get in anyway you can. Just do your best here and your body will thank you.

Set a Goal/Challenge yourself*

Doesn't have to be getting onstage like I do, it can be a mud run, a vacation you wanna look amazing for, take up Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, or some kind of self-defense and get proficient at it. Just remember, you cannot probably train as hard as you want 6 days a week now. 4-5 days of at least 60 solid minutes of exercise may be adequate to attain your goals, recovery sufficiently and create enough of a stressor on the body that it will respond in kind and make slow, but consistent changes to reach the goals/challenges you set for yourself.

Want Help*

Only if you're ready to change, want to challenge yourself and are tired of just being tired all the time. Monkey Bar Gym Bellevue's trainers and Gracie Barra instructor's can help elicit that change for the willing. Don't wait another month, another year or for the "next" holiday season to pass you by because of "X" reasons. DO THIS FOR YOU, because brothers and sisters you're all you've got. Make you the best YOU you can possibly be for 2017